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HM Industrial Solution s.r.o. offers supply and engineering services to meet specific customer needs. Their focus is on providing customized solutions to address unique requirements. In addition, they are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Industry and Energy sector focuses on investment units and renovations in the industrial and energy fields. This sector involves planning and implementing projects to improve production processes, reduce energy consumption, and increase efficiency. The projects involve equipment upgrades, facility expansions, and the installation of new technology to support modern industrial processes and renewable energy sources. The Industry and Energy sector promotes sustainable development and creates a more environmentally friendly production landscape.

With extensive experience in the industry and a strong commitment to quality, the company is a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient energy and control solutions. Their services include system design, installation, maintenance, and technical support, ensuring that clients have access to comprehensive assistance throughout the lifespan of their systems. Whether dealing with complex power grids or sophisticated security measures, HM Industrial Solution s.r.o. has the expertise to provide innovative solutions for any project.

This company provides various services: analysis, project planning, engineering, consulting, deliveries, assembly, commissioning, repairs, and maintenance. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum, allowing them to assist clients with most aspects related to their projects.


HM Industrial Solution s.r.o. is a Slovakian company founded in 2007 to apply the founders' expertise in technology for industry and energy sectors. The company is in the second biggest city in Slovakia, Košice.

The company presented itself as an engineering firm that could develop complex industrial applications with comprehensive project documentation. They also offered expert assistance throughout project implementation and secondary deliveries, which included commissioning and technology start-up.

The company began its operations by reconstructing turbo compressors for Mittal Steel. Over time, it has broadened its portfolio to include various applications, resulting in a comprehensive approach to output. Today, the company offers multiple services and products to cater to different industries and delivers a holistic solution to its clients.

HM Industrial Solution has entered into an exclusive partnership with PEG s.r.o. in Slovakia. It will widen the company's product sales in terms of performance as PEG s.r.o. has over 27 years of experience in the industry. The move is expected to bring about excellent cooperation between the two companies and help expand their reach in the market. Furthermore, it will help HM Industrial Solution to offer better solutions to its clients and meet their demands more efficiently.

HM Industrial Solution s.r.o.
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