HM Industrial Solution

Budiace systemyPower electronics and regulation 

  • Controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers without power limitation
  • AC inverters without power limitation
  • Anchor converters for ss machines
  • Start-up controllers for asynchronous drives
  • Regulators of traction machines with automatic positioning
  • Development and production of regulators for special use

PohonyElectric drives

  • MV and HV substations
  • Delivery electric drive including regulation
  • Synchronous motor excitation
  • Measurement of mechanical quantities
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Filter compensation devices

Baterie Station battery chargers and affiliation

  • Transistor chargers
  • Thyristor chargers
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection of station batteries
  • Diode summing logic
  • insulation monitoring systems

AnalyzaCompensation and filtering devices

  • Deliveries of new HV and LV compensating and filtering devices
  • Reconstruction of compensation devices LV
  • Production and supply of compensation batteries
  • Calculations, proposals and solutions in the field of compensation and filtering